Baby It’s Cold Outside!

January 10, 2010

I’ve made myself a cup of hot chocolate and am sitting down to write this at half time of the Packer/Cardinal game.  I have been trying not to pace as my green team is trailing.  I have made banana bread, cranberry sauce and started some raisin bread in the bread machine.  I only did this because I mistakenly put my bread flour into my canister and wanted to capture as much as I could before it mixed in with the regular flour.  I tried knitting and watching the game but that didn’t calm my nerves enough.  I’ve spent the weekend cleaning up after the holidays and just leaving the snow decor around.  Santas and angels have been packed away for another year.  It has been rather cold outside so I am quite content to stay indoors.  I am looking forward to a few hours of quilting later tonight.

Our holidays were wonderful and filled with family, good food, games and wonderment at the energy of our 17 month old granddaughter.  She is rarely still unless she is sleeping.  Even when she is sitting I notice how much she is doing from that spot.  She looks like a speed reader as she pages through her favorite books.  Words are becoming much more recognizable as she talks on and on.  We had our youngest daughter, Sarah, home for over a week.  The last time that happened was when she lived in the dorms and they were closed.  She spent much of her time running down memory lane as she emptied box after box of things she had collected in grade school and high school.

Time to go back to pacing as the game has started.

Stay warm and take a few minutes to do something just for you today.

Hello world!

December 18, 2009

I have always loved the idea of keeping a journal but was never very good at keeping it up.  Perhaps this bit of blogging technology will be my answer for that.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you a few times a week.  Perhaps this will be even easier than writing the Christmas card letter.  So hello world!